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Purnima: South Asian Character/Actor Fanworks

Purnima: South Asian Character/Actor Fanworks
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A fanfic/fan art community centered around South Asian characters and actors.
Love Bollywood movies? Intrigued by The Good Wife's Kalinda or wondering if Greek will ever tell us if Rebecca's mom is desi? Cursing the fact that there's just not enough good fic about some of your favorite Indian, Bangladeshi or Pakistani characters? Well, you've come to the right place!

Purnima means "full moon" in several Indian languages, and this community was originally conceived (or at least named!) to be a monthly challenge community for fic and fan art based around characters and/or actors of Indian origin, as well as other South Asian countries. However, upon reflection, it seemed like a better idea to just throw the net wide, to ask for anything and everything you want to provide, with no 30 day time limits.

Naturally, we at Purnima may still offer fic and art challenges, with themes or prompts, but works that have no specific theme are welcome! Our only request is that any and all works be thoroughly beta read before submission.

When posting fan fiction, please include a header that has at least the following elements:

All fan art and vids should include proper headers as well.

Post subject lines should be formatted as follows:
Fic: Title, Fandom, Pairing/Character, Rating
Art/Vid: Title (if you have one), Fandom, Pairing/Character, Rating

Tag, tag, tag. We love tags. Any member can create a tag, so please give yourself an author tag when you start posting content. Other than that, rating and content type (fanfic, icons, fan art, vid) is all that we ask you log!

Slash and RPF are welcome. Out of courtesy, please warn for commonly triggering content. Shukriya.