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South Asian character fanfic at dogged_by_muses

dharmavati suggested I post regarding two stories I'd posted as part of the dogged_by_muses Advent Calendar.

Advance warning on these stories, they are female slash, as are all the stories in the Advent Calendar event. My stories feature Leela/Heera from Film Star in a PG-13 story and Paro/Chandramukhi from Devdas in a NC-17 story.

There is also at least one story featuring Kalinda from The Good Wife for anyone who watches the show and is a fan of Archie Panjabi.

Thanks again to dharmavati for the suggestion. :) Another thanks to monimala for suggesting that I add links to the stories. I have edited this post to include the links. :)
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Hi guys! I bring lots of fic! Only one is mine and I actually haven't been able to read all of the rest yet but, since the yuletide challenge opened two days ago, I've been compiling the fics with characters/actors of South Asian descent and I'm posting the list here!

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and finally, my non-Yuletide fic since I totally failed to nominate Chak De for Yuletide this year (next year for sure!)

Metanoia: Bindia sits at her bed, the hockey stick now a welcome weight in her hands. (Chak De! India, Aliya Bose, Bindia Naik, G)

Happy reading! :D
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Apologies and a fic link.

Major, major apologies for all those who joined and/or watch this community. Real life intruded, so what was meant to be this great venture to house South Asian-themed fanfic sort of fell by the wayside.

I really hope to kick things into gear in 2010, maybe with a fic challenge to get some writers' juices flowing and garner some activity in the community.

Again, if you know of anyone writing fan fiction that would fit here at Purnima, please encourage them to post!

In the mean time, I have a short, silly contribution in the form of The Simple Life. It's Bollywood, specifically Dostana, featuring Sam and Kunal and rated PG.
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Comprehensive list of Fandom's South Asian characters

Hi, everyone! Welcome, again, to purnima_fic. I'm glad to see some new members trickling in. Since one of the basic problems with focusing on characters and actors of South Asian origin is that many don't *know* what shows feature them, I thought it would be prudent to make a list that we can continuously add to!

Bollywood, obviously, speaks for itself, but I would love to get a round-up from popular American, Canadian and British TV shows, canceled or older series, book and movie fandoms, etc.

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I've made my contributions off the top of my head. Please feel free to leave your own in the comments!
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Fic: "Shakti," The Good Wife, Kalinda/various, R.

First fic posted in the community! I hope to see more from different fandoms in the coming weeks.

Title: "Shakti" 1/1
Author: monimala
Fandom: The Good Wife
Rating/Classification: R for language, mild sexual content. Kalinda/Cary, Kalinda/Alicia, Kalinda/others. Het, slash.
Disclaimer: Not my characters, don't own them, and am definitely not profiting.
Summary: 950. Alicia's never had it that rough, never gotten dirty. Neither has Cary. They're different than she is.

maharani ash


Welcome to Purnima, a community for fanworks based on characters and actors of South Asian origin!

Love Bollywood movies? Intrigued by The Good Wife's Kalinda or wondering if Greek will ever tell us if Rebecca's mom is desi? Cursing the fact that there's just not enough good fic about some of your favorite Indian, Bangladeshi or Pakistani characters? Well, you've come to the right place!

Purnima means "full moon" in several Indian languages, and this community was originally conceived (or at least named!) to be a monthly challenge community for fic and fan art based around characters and/or actors of Indian origin, as well as other South Asian countries. However, upon reflection, it seems like a better idea to just throw the net wide, to ask for anything and everything you want to provide, with no 30 day time limits.

Naturally, we at Purnima may still offer fic and art challenges, with themes or prompts, but works that have no specific theme are welcome! Our only request is that any and all works be beta'ed before submission.

Please check the community's user info for posting guidelines.

Slash and RPF are welcome. In the spirit of courtesy, please warn for commonly triggering content. Shukriya.
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