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New member here!!! I just wanted to say hi to all South Asian community in LJ.  Finally I can read some SA fanfictions.    Just happy that I found this!!!!

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Desi fandoms at Kaleidoscope

Two days left for the Kaleidoscope sign-ups, and here's the list of South Asian fandoms you could write or request a fanwork for:
A Suitable Boy - Vikram Seth
चक दे इंडिया | Chak De! India (2007)
धूम | Dhoom | Blast (2004 2006)
दिल बोले हड़िप्पा | ਦਿਲ ਬੋਲੇ ਹਦਿਪ੍ਪਾ | Dil Bole Hadippa! (2009)
दोस्ताना | Dostana (2008)
East Is East - Ayub Khan-Din
English Patient - Michael Ondaatje
Ibis Trilogy - Amitav Ghosh
जोधा अकबर | جودھا اکبر | Jodhaa-Akbar (2008)
कामसूत्र | Kama Sutra - Vātsyāyana
Kari - Amrita Patil
خدا کے لیے| Khuda Ke Liye | For God's Sake (2007)
Kite Runner - Khaled Hosseini
Luck By Chance (2009)
महाभारत | Mahabharatha - Vyasa
Phörpa | The Cup (1999)
रंग दे बसंती | Rang De Basanti | Paint It Saffron (2006)
Sultana's Dream - Roquia Sakhawat Hussain
उड़ान | Udaan | Flight (2010)
Zahra's First Term At The Khadija Academy - Sufiya Ahmed
Kaleidoscope Fanwork Exchange (AO3 collection)</h4>

Kaleidoscope is a multimedia fanwork exchange hosted by [community profile] dark_agenda for rare chromatic source fandoms. It is open to all sources with chromatic characters or people and by chromatic creators, from animations to books & literature to folklore & mythology to movies to music to real people to sequential art to theater to TV shows to video games and including anime/manga/manhua/manhwa, Bollywood, C-Pop/K-Pop/J-Pop, fantaserye/telefantasya, komiks, lakorns, Nollywood, telenovela, tokusatsu and wuxia to name a few commonly known and region-specific genre terms. We welcome artworks, graphics, stories, vids and potentially other types of fanworks in English, in non-English languages or in both, particularly in English dialects and non-English languages associated with chromatic cultures.

Sign-ups are currently open until October 08, 2011 9:00:00 PM GMT-0700.</blockquote>

Kaleidoscope exchange

Kaleidoscope: A Multimedia Fanwork Exchange

Nominations close on the 3rd of September, and thus far South Asian fandoms have been very underrepresented. You could use this opportunity in a smaller multifandom exchange to increase your chances of requesting and getting a desi fic, but only if you nominate the fandom and participate in the exchange. :)
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Fic: "Rashmi and the Perfect Life", Anna and the French Kiss, PG-13

Title: Rashmi and the Perfect Life
Author: rhapsodyinpink
Fandom: Anna and the French Kiss
Rating: PG-13, for language

Summary: I absolutely loved Stephanie Perkins' Anna and the French Kiss, but I found myself wondering about Rashmi, the Indian-American girlfriend of her love-interest's best friend. She and Anna didn't seem to be on the same wavelength, so there was always some tension between them—but I wanted to know more about her! So here's my attempt at getting inside this enigmatic character's head. I hope you enjoy! (she's turned out to be a little bitchier than I anticipated, haha). I want to make the fic accessible to anyone who reads it, however, so outside of a few name drops at the beginning, it shouldn't be too difficult to follow if you haven't read the book (although you totally should!)

Rashmi and the Perfect Life @ Archive of Our Own

Desi fandoms available at yuletide!

There are two days left to sign up for yuletide's rare fandoms fic exchange, and there are a number of desi fandoms you can offer to write and request a story in!
I'm putting a list of all the fandoms I could find below the cut, and you can find more info over at [community profile] dark_agenda, where you can also get an invite code to the AO3 which you'll need if you'd like to sign up for the challenge. Even if you don't feel like signing up, you can scan the prompts and choose to write a pinch hit or a treat.

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Lunar mission relaunch: welcome back to Purnima!

Last year, on Nov. 5, I launched this community with high hopes of creating a thriving home base for fanworks featuring characters from South Asia and the South Asian diaspora. It was a lofty goal that came crashing down a short time later, thanks to a) my lack of commitment and b) a lack of community activity. I'd like to fix that this time around.

This year has seen a significant increase in South Asian presence on TV, including Sendhil Ramamurthy's Jai on Covert Affairs, the cast of Outsourced, and Sunil and Arun from In Treatment. (Check out this November 2009 list of South Asian characters in media for more.) But it's not just about fresh faces and fresh stories to play with. Everything from the Mahabharata to classic Bollywood films holds fannish fodder, and I know there are pockets of people out there working on stories and art to that effect. Let's see if we can make this community a place to host all of that...and meta discussion as well.

To kick things off, I have a simple prompt, running through December, in honor of Diwali: light. Turning it on, shining it, contrasting it to darkness. Candles, flashlights, oil lamps, Bic lighters. Whatever you've got in you, it's time to bring Purnima back out of the shadows!

Non-themed fics are enthusiastically encouraged!

See Purnima Fic's user info for posting guidelines and other incidental information.
maharani ash

Happy Holi

Happy Holi to all those who celebrate.

If anyone has suggestions on how to keep this community active, I am all ears. Is it just that there's not enough fic about South Asians being written? Is it that people just want to stick to canon-specific communities?
john abraham

First themed challenge: Holi, The Festival of Colors.

Hi, there, watchers and members of Purnima!

Now that yuletide is over and we've enjoyed all the South Asian-themed fiction that came from it, I thought it would be a good time to start the ball rolling on generating fic within this community!

Thus, our first themed challenge: Holi, The Festival of Colors. (It's a link to Wikipedia. I couldn't help myself.) It's a primarily Hindu festival, having significance involving both Krishna and his uber-devotee, Radha, as well as Prahlad, a young devotee of Vishnu who escaped being burnt in a bonfire due to his piety. However, for our secular purposes here, the religious slant is optional. The most fun part of Holi is how people throw colored powder and water at each other and generally get their party on! (For instance, it's the one holiday where many Hindus get high without impunity, by consuming bhang, a marijuana-based beverage. I don't know about you, but the thought of seeing Raj from Big Bang Theory after a glass or two is really amusing.)

So, I would love to see stories involving South Asian characters or South Asian actors (yes, RPF is okay), engaging in Holi shenanigans. If you're not comfortable tackling Holi specifically or are writing characters who you feel wouldn't engage in celebrating it, you can write about colors and brightness and the impact on their lives therein.

This theme will run up until March 1, which is the actual date of Holi this year. Stories may be posted anytime between now and then.

Please feel free to spread the word. The more the merrier!